CyberTime has only one purpose, to standardize the times across international time zones with no confusion due to the language of hours, days, daylight saving, datelines, local times or time zones because CyberTime has only one worldwide time zone. Physical time between time zones is no longer an issue with today's fast travel and communication methods. The Internet, the mobile phone, the fax and videoconferences etc. have made it possible for us to be anywhere in the world, with anyone at anytime.

The globalization and speed of business and communication today also requires the use of an easy to use time format and one world time zone. CyberTime ends international time zone confusion and is built around today's modern personal, business and scheduling needs. CyberTime is not intended to replace your local time, but it can. Your local time still remains appropriate for your day to day life, but your local time is just that, local. It's of no use in the Cyber world and in the one world of international business, scheduling and personal communication.

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