It should be easy to tell time around the world regardless of what time zone and date someone is in. With CyberTime, when the time is @1248 CyberTime in Los Angeles it is also the same in Hong Kong, Rome and Buenos Aires. No matter where you are in the world, CyberTime is the same time, making worldwide time telling and scheduling easy and time zone confusion a thing of the past.

CyberTime is minute based and therefore also incorporates seconds. Dates (d) start January 1, d1 to d365 (except for leap years) and the year (y) starts with 001 for 2001. There is no daylight savings time adjustment for CyberTime, therefore when local times adjust throughout the year in different countries; CyberTime always remains constant. Anything that is time related, is easier and more practical to do with CyberTime.

Using the downloadable CyberTime map.

Move the mouse pointer over a city dot to display the city name and time and Left click on city dot to display time in center status bar.


Used to customize different color banners, type sizes and time/date formats in the map display screens.

Time calculator

Used to find the time in any two cities. The starting time shown is always your default local time. Use the arrows to change times, dates, city etc.

Time synchronizer

Will automatically adjust the oneworld time to your computer clock or server.

Java applet is by default not allowed to run local applications. cyber time runs your local computer application, called "time" to set time. Java security forbids this. In order for this feature to work under Internet Explorer, the security settings needs to be adjusted. IE menu -> Tools -> Internet Options. On Security page, select Internet Zone, press Custom level button. In the configuration dialog that appears select "Low Safety" for Java Security and remember to establish Internet connection prior to the time-synchronization processs.

Time converter

Time converter (left side) is used to find what the CyberTime will be in another city, from your regular time. Time converter (right side) is used to convert any cities CyberTime into your local city time. To move the @time use the up/down arrows. To move very fast, place mouse pointer between the two arrows. When you see a double arrow appear, hold down the left mouse button and drag the arrow up or down to change the time.

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